Peanut Butter & Baobab Coffee

Baobab Coffee

Serves: -1


100ml Organic whole milk
2 x Tsp Unrefined cane sugar (Optional)
1 x Tsp Barista style instant coffee
1x Tsp Meridian peanut butter & baobab
1x Knob of organic butter
1/4 xTsp Cocoa powder
Large Mug approx 300ml and Mini Hand held frothing machine (this is a must for the recipe)


First begin by half filling your kettle with fresh water and boil. You need to warm the
mug with boiling water for around 1min.

Discard water and add all the Ingredients to warmed mug. Fill the mug with 1/3
boiling water and begin to froth the mixture.

Next add the milk gradually for approx 30sec, mixture will begin to combine and
froth. Top up with boiling water right to the rim of the mug, give a quick stir with a spoon.