African Style Risotto


Serves: -2


100g Pearl barley
2 x Fresh vine tomatoes
1 x Medium sized onion finely chopped
½ x Green pepper finely chopped
2 x Tbsp Sunflower oil
2 x Tbsp Raisins
1 x Tbsp Roasted peanuts roughly chopped (optional)
1 x Tbsp Meridian baobab peanut butter
1 x Tsp Chia seeds
1 Tsp x Vegan stock cube
½ Tsp x Cayenne pepper
½ Tsp x Turmeric powder
2 Cardamon pods
Finely chopped coriander or parsley
Salt, sugar & pepper


Begin by adding 100g of pearl barley to 600ml of water to a medium sized sauce
pan, along with the cardamon pods and stock cube. Cook on med/low heat for approx

Add chia seeds 5mins before draining, keep some of the drained liquid.
While to Pearl barley is cooking, to a frying pan add sunflower oil begin to fry the
onion on a med heat until just beginning to caramelise. Add the tomatoes, season
with salt pepper and a pinch of sugar, cook until tomatoes have broken down and a
sauce is starting to form approx 10-15min.

Next add the green pepper, raisins, cayenne and turmeric powder cook spices for approx 2mins.
Lastly add the cooked pearl barley and baobab peanut butter, turn heat to low. Stir constantly and begin to add the drained liquid from the pearl barley bit by bit until a
smooth creamy texture if formed. Finish with coriander and chopped peanuts.