Ugne's Protella Crepe Cake

This delicious Protella Crepe Cake is made of paper thin rice crepes layered with homemade protella and creamy vanilla filling. I just thought.. why not make something different for Shrove Tuesday, and take ordinary crepes to a new level. Homemade protella is made using Meridian hazelnut butter and is absolutely delicious. Combined with creamy vanilla filling and some chocolate ganache on top... mmmm.. Absolute delight... So, let’s start…

Paper thin rice crepes

(Gluten free and sugar free) around 14 medium size crepes

1 egg and 1 egg white

Pinch of sea salt

1 tbsp Meridian agave syrup (or 1tsp calorie free sweetener like Truvia or Sukrin)

200g strong brown rice flour

200ml skimmed milk (or plant based unsweetened milk)

80ml water

2 tbsp Meridian grape seed oil


In a medium size bowl place all ingredients and whisk with a hand whisk until no lumps are left. It should be rather watery and thin batter, that's what makes the crepes so nice and thin.

Preheat non stick pan and fry crepes adding very little batter at a time, when you spread it around the pan by turning it around, it should be nearly see through. Fry until golden, then flip on the other side for another minute. Flip out on the plate and continue with the rest of the batter. Set your crepes aside. 


Secondly,. Whilst the crepes are cooling, lets prepare our Nutella spread.


Home Made Protella (protein nutella)

With the option to make just ordinary hazelnut chocolate spread.


170g Meridian Crunchy Hazelnut Butter

2 scoops NRGFuel Super Whey Isolate (Chocolate flavour)

2 heaped table spoons raw cocoa

1tbsp Truvia, or other calorie free sweetener

Pinch of sea salt

12g / 1tbsp raw virgin coconut oil (I use Coconut Merchant)

200ml unsweetened plant based milk

2tbsp Meridian cashew butter


Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Scrape the sides of the bowl a few times inbetween to evenly incorporate all ingredients. Transfer the spread in to jar or container with a lid.


(Alternatively) If you want to make protella without protein powder (that would be just ordinary homemade hazelnut spread), take protein powder out and add one more heaped table spoon of cocoa powder, and then reduce amount of milk. Add 2 table spoons and check consistency after blending for a minute. If you like thinner consistency, add more milk by adding tablespoon at a time.


And thirdly, let’s start on our vanilla banana filling.



1 large ripe banana

3 egg whites

250g fat free cream cheese or quark or cottage cheese

65 g NRGFuel vanilla protein powder


Pop all ingredients into the medium size bowl and blend with a hand blender until smooth.


Ugnes crepe cake full size



Preheat the oven to 180’C line the bottom and sides of spring form pan with parchment paper. I used 16cm diameter as my crepes weren’t very big.


Place one crepe on the bottom of the tin, pour some filling. Take another crepe, place it on the work top, spread some protella over it and place in the tin on top of the filling layer. Then put another crepe on top, pour some filling and repeat the process until the last crepe will be on top. Pour the remaining filling on the top, tuck in all sticking out pancake pieces and pop in the oven for 35-40min.


When baked, let it cool in the tin for ten minutes, then remove and peel off the paper and place on the wire rack to cool down completely before covering with ganache.


protell crepe cake 2 full size

To be honest, you can dress it (or not even bother dressing it as your wish)

Personally for this one I have melted 60g of sugar free dark chocolate with 2tbsp smooth Meridian cashew butter and thinned it out with few table spoons of plant based milk.

Pour it over the cake, let it drip and pop some fresh berries on top.. voila!


Happy Shrove Tuesday!