Ugne's Almond Butter and Berry Loaf

What's a better way to celebrate it being the weekend than making Ugne's deliciously mouthwatering Almond Butter & Berry Loaf?! Ugne is here to tell us how to make this yummy bake...

Almond Butter and Berry Loaf


Almond butter has this smooth and unique nutty flavour I absolutely love... well, I love Peanut butter a tad more, but Almond butter is my second favourite. I love making and baking with it.

This time I went for a little bit heather and more fibre packed bread which tastes wonderful with a heap-full smothering of Meridian Crunchy peanut butter..or to make things even more exciting- top it up with grilled chicken breast and some sugar free cranberry sauce and crunchy salad on the side.. 




350g Wholemeal Spelt Flour

150g Stone Ground Rye Flour

10g Dry yeast

55g Meridian Date syrup

5g salt

130g Meridian Almond butter

370ml Almond milk

1 egg

70g Dried apricots (chopped)

100g Almonds (roasted and coarsely chopped) 70g Cranberries 80g Goji berries 30g Chia seeds




In the stand mixer combine flours, salt, yeast. Mix everything through with a hook attachment. Leave the machine to work on a slow speed, then start adding liquids starting with date syrup following by lightly beaten egg and then little by little pour almond milk.

Let the mixer work for at least 10min. After that you should be left with smooth looking dough which no longer sticks to the side of the bowl. Now add the almond butter and mix for another minute or so.

Lightly grease the surface with grape seed oil (I used great quality Meridian grape seed oil), tip the dough out and work it with your hands to incorporate the butter. Grease same mixing bowl with oil, place back the dough and let it rise for at least 2hrs. Rye flour is naturally low in gluten, there fore don't expect very glutenous and well risen dough after 2hr has gone. Double the size will work fine.


Preheat the oven to 200'C


After 2 hours, again grease the surface with grape seed oil, tip out the dough, flatten it with your knuckles to knock the air out and skater all remaining ingredients. Fold the dough around, and work to incorporate the nuts and fruit.

Shape as desired, and let it rise covered for at least another hour.


Spray it with water, sprinkle with flour and bake for around 30-35min


When taken out of the oven and tapped with fingers on the bottom sounds hollow- your bread is baked perfectly. If you think it might need another minute- pop it back in the oven.


Enjoy x

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Ugne Bubnaityte was a contestant on this year's Great British Bake Off. Originally from Lithuania, Ugne now lives in Essex with her partner, also a bodybuilder and works as a PA and administrator. Ugne learnt to bake from her mother and grandmother who used Eastern European baking methods and utensils.