The Fitness Chef's favourite nutty snacks

Looking for a healthy, nutritious snack to satisfy hunger for long periods? Look no further than these two incredibly simple snacks which you can easily prepare at anytime, anywhere (as long as you have a toaster!)

When it comes to snacking, this is where so many people falter in achieving their nutrition targets. Most snacks out there that are ready to eat are of pretty poor nutritional quality and rarely fill you up. Naturally you’ll tend to go for 2 or 3 cakes because the previous one didn’t fill you up.  But there is a way you can snack better! For just a tiny bit of effort, you can snack like a boss, feel full and reap the benefits of many nutrients. My key rules to snacking successfully are:


  1. You want to ensure your snack always has a good helping of protein. Protein is great for making you feel fill and is also a key macronutrient to ensure recovery of muscles and tissues. What is a quick, ready-made source of protein? Nuts!
  2. You want to ensure your snack always has some fibre present. Fibre is also great for filling you up. Generally, refined foods like crisps, pastries and biscuits have very little fibre, thus aren’t very filling. Whereas food like fruit and nuts have lots of fibre, making them perfect snacking choices. 


Check out these two deliciously simple snack recipes of mine!

Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Toast

pb sweet potato


All you need to do here is cut a cross section of the biggest point of a large sweet potato and make sure you slice about 1cm in thickness (take care when cutting!). Toast the sweet potato for approximately 6-8 minutes until it begins to go toasty looking – keep an eye on it! Finally, spread 1 tsp of peanut butter on each slice and lob on a few berries of your choice - it couldn’t be easier!

Check out some of my other sweet potato toast creations here: Tuna, Margherita pizza, and almond butter, apple & cinnamon!

sweet pot toast


Now for an even more straight forward, yet awesomely nutty snack!

Banana & Almond Butter Bites

banana almond

This one doesn’t need any directions at all - enjoy!

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