TRIBE guest post - Do I need extra protein to fuel my training?

Protein. Once the domain of bodybuilders – has become the super-nutrient of the moment. TRIBE co-founder, Rob Martineau, takes a look at protein: how much you need and what to look for when building more into your diet.

The big picture. Protein, Fat & Carbohydrate are the 3 macro-nutrients that make up all foods and give us energy & body mass. At root, performance nutrition is about two things: 1) getting these 3 in the right balance for your body and performance goals; and 2) consuming them from sources that also give vitamins & minerals (micro-nutrient density).

Why protein? Of the 3 macros, protein provides the body’s building blocks: amino acids that support muscle growth and recovery (+ thousands of other vital functions). Everyone needs protein, but if you’re training regularly, you need a good supply to keep muscle in tact, your metabolism working well, and your body recovering after each session.

So how much do I need?  The UK Government recommends 0.8g protein per kg of body weight per day. For someone training regularly, you need more. On average, we recommend 1.4g a day. Putting that into perspective:

  • chicken or salmon breast: 20g protein
  • boiled egg: 7g protein
  • cup quinoa: 8g protein
  • handful of cashew nuts or spoonful of nut butter: 5g protein

Working it through… I weigh 75kg and train most days. That means I aim for 105g of protein a day (75kg x 1.4g). That’s 3 chicken breasts and 8 eggs.. a lot. As I rarely eat meat, that makes it harder.

So that means protein shakes? Not necessarily. If you can get the amount of protein you need from wholefoods – do that (as these are high in natural micro-nutrients). But protein shakes can be a convenient way to get an additional 20g protein in. The protein is quickly absorbed and easy to take on straight after a training session.

Getting your shake right   The protein market can be a minefield. Look out for these things when choosing:

No junk. Most protein supplements are full of sweeteners, flavours, chemicals. However healthy the front of pack looks, read the back. Try to avoid products that are filled with these.

Protein source. Go for a protein that gives a complete amino acid profile (eg whey or pea + rice).

Mixer. For best taste (and additional nutrients) mix the powder with a milk or plant milk. Looking at environmental and nutritional, I got for oat milk. If you’ve got a blender, add some fruit for extra carbs. 

Blog by TRIBE co-founder Rob Martineau

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