Protein Pow's Pumpkin Seed & Dark Chocolate Protein Bars

The lovely guys at Protein Pow will be making this delicious recipe for you at the Tesco Nutricentre in Gatwick, November 21st. Get down there a try some of the scrummy treats for yourself! But for now here is the recipe to give it a go...

Pumpkin Seed & Dark Chocolate Protein Bars




20g Whey Protein Pow Cooking Mix

12g agave syrup

13g cocoa powder

16g Meridian pumpkin seed butter

Splash of coffee (no more than a couple of teaspoons)



1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl using your hands.

2. Shape into two bars.

3. Once they’re shaped, you can either refrigerate them so they set a bit further OR you can melt some dark chocolate (no more than 10g per bar) and dunk your bars in there before placing them on an alumium foil-lined tray in the fridge for the dark chocolate coating to set (pictured here are both bars – naked and coated).