Peachy Palate's Top 10 Uses For Meridian Nut Butters

Over to you peachy...

I’m a nut butter lover... an out and out enthusiast of all things involving, topped with or constructed around nut butters. I eat it by the spoonful, a satisfying nutrient dense snack that leaves you feeling satisfied. The term “nut butter” is becoming more common with people now aware of the wonders of straight up blended up nuts, no oil, no sugar, whole food healthy nutty goodness. 

Working as a health and nutrition coach nut butters are usually one of the first staples I introduce people to; if they haven’t already got a store cupboard full of them like my good self! Getting their head around what to use them for other than spreading a mound of it on toast is what tends to stump the general population; of course I know there are many other nut butter devotees that can’t remember life prior to the drippy fragrant toasted roasted deliciousness being a mainstay.


So here’s a few ideas to make the most of your nut butters!!!!

1. Add some to your stir fry or whip up your very own satay sauce or marinade...cashew, almond or peanut, they all work well depending on your preference. These Thai Chili Cashew Butter Chicken Wings were my latest savoury nut butter success story!

2. Grab bowl, four other ingredients and bake some super healthy cookies!

3. Add a spoonful or two to your favourite smoothie to give your morning fix, post workout fuel or afternoon snack a hell of a lot more staying power.

4. Thicken a curry sauce, add more depth more flavour and give it a nutritional boost in one fell swoop with some roasted sunflower seed, almond or cashew butter.

5. Alternative salad dressing at the ready! Tahini (sesame seed paste/butter), lemon, garlic, salt and pepper is a classic loosened out with a bit of olive oil and drizzled over your favourite raw or cooked veggies...carrots and tahini are a match made in heaven! This simple almond butter dressing over a pile of shredded kale is another one of my favourites.

6. Whip up a mightily impressive super indulgent yet incredibly virtuous pie or bake some equally wholesome breakfast appropriate blondies.

7. Nut butter makes for a fantastic dairy free healthier homemade fudge base...which is of course a fantastic addition to some dairy free almond butter based ice cream!

8. Perplexed when it comes to a gluten and possibly grain free bread alternative that isn’t loaded with a billion unnecessary unrecognisable ingredients...problem solved with my new favourite paleo friendly loaf! (Coming soon!)

9. Thick rich dairy and refined sugar free caramel...roasted cashew butter is a must! Blend with date paste its caramel with depth of flavour.

10. When all else fails whirl it through your favourite yogurt, dunk a banana or a wedge of apple into a jar, add it to and top off , or fill a mighty Medjool date for a sweet treat with extra vitality.


Top tip... If the end of your jar of natural nut butter ends up a little dry add some melted coconut oil to each serving for maximum “drizzlability” (which is of course is a common word amongst us nut butter lovers)!

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