Our Meridian insider James is back!

The video is a 1st attempt to capture some of the specific training recorded over the last 4 weeks & condense it into a 2 minutes. Let me be at pains to stress, this is not about technique, style or how to Thai Box, so please no comments back! As the Meridian Insider, one of the owners, in his mid-fifties, confined to a desk/meetings or travelling during the week, it documents what can be achieved, with special thanks to my PT, Kris, at FIGHTWORX.

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1) Weighted Squats (55kg); Kettle Bell (15kg) Lunges; Explosive Jumps

Any training normally starts with a 15 minute warm up of skipping, squats, crunches, press-ups, boxing bag work, rapid but light circuits on the bags, with short sprints between each set.Depending on the session focus, it could be followed by weights sets, high intensity circuits or full 6 x 2 minute pads rounds. The final warm down is stretches or a 2 minute plank followed by stretches The video sequence is a collection of 5 differing sets carried out in a session: 1) Weighted Squats (55kg); Kettle Bell (15kg) Lunges; Explosive Jumps

This sequence is a timed circuit of 1 x minute weighted squats, as many as possible, leading straight to 1 x minute kettle lunges as many as possible, finishing with explosive jumps 1 x minute. This is followed by 1 x minute rest & then the sequence repeated again 3 further circuits with 1 x minute rest between each completed circuit.

2) 6 x 2 minute rounds of Thai Pad Work, 1 x minute break between each round

After at least 20 minutes of warming up circuits, bag work Kris commands ‘wrap your hands & glove up’, which means up to 6 x 2 minute rounds in the Ring on the pads. This is my favourite piece, but hard work, using power, speed, co-ordination & big lungs to get through. It’s all challenging & in your fifties nifty speed work & co-ordination are somewhat lacking. As one gets tired it’s a fight to keep your guard & hands up in the guard, let alone attack, but thankfully my PT is spot on & manages to get the best out of me.

3) Battle Rope continuous 1 x minute, as part of a 3 x set work out with Kettle Bell & Medicine Ball Slams each discipline 1 x minute, so each session works out at 3 x 3 minute continuous circuits at max

The battle rope was new this year, but absolutely love it as part of a circuit. Its surprisingly aerobic, but great for an older person as it does not particularly stress any joints.

4) Step-Ups 1 x minute normally incorporated into a 3 discipline circuit

Basic step-ups at the side of the Ring are so simple but brutally devastating on the legs!

5) Dead Lifts-80kg-100kg. This sequence is normally 4 x sets of 8 reps with a 2 minute rest between each set.

One of my favourites Dead Lifts! Everything I have read in exercising for older men is to routinely do weight bearing exercise to maintain muscle, not bulging pecs, but provides some resistance for good muscle strengthening. Again the weight range is not huge, as the last thing I wish for is an injury, but enough to be pretty hard work!

My aim in each session is to give it absolute max effort.

In addition to the above, I will try & make time for some ab work, stretching, press-ups & still run twice a week, though 1 x run is no longer than 40 minutes, the other run about 25 minutes max. I can get these in very early morning.