Motivation To Stay Fit – Lottie’s Way!

The key to maintaining motivation to stay fit is doing it for the right reasons and finding something you love doing!

As a young dancer, I have always been fit without really having to think about it as I was training up to 8 hours a day during my college years. I then fell in love with Pilates and do it because I love it. I also love yoga and trying fun new classes in London such as Barry’s Bootcamp and Psycle but there’s also nothing I love more than a nice long walk.


I’m not really into the gym, lifting weights or long runs so I don’t do that. Find what you love doing rather than forcing yourself to go the gym when you absolute dread it.


Also ask yourself why you want to get fit? Is it because you want to look good in that bikini on holiday next month, for a wedding or for your long-term health? Whatever the reason, ask yourself how much of a priority is it to you to achieve this goal? If you’re not honoring your own priorities and turning up to get fit then perhaps it’s not really that high up on your list and do you know what, that’s okay too!

Sometimes simply changing the way you view fitness will motivate you to do it. Rather than viewing it as a chore or another thing to tick of the to do list, see it as a stress reliever or some quality time with yourself.  This really helps me when I’m feeling tired or stressed, I know that even 15 minutes of yoga will revitalize my body. 

Personally I don’t like strict regimes or routines when it comes to fitness. This just adds extra pressure to life that is already pretty stressful right? On a Sunday, I’ll just look at my week and get a rough idea of when I’d like to fit some work outs in. I might book a couple of classes and plan some long walks. I also like to go on YouTube and find some yoga videos that I might like to do too. I’ll add them to my YouTube favorites list so they are easy to find in the week.

It’s all about finding what works for you. Here’s some questions to ask yourself that will motivate you to finding the perfect fitness regime, write them down and then relax knowing that you are on the right path to a fitter healthier happier you.


1. What time of day do you feel best working out?

2. What type of workouts do you absolutely love and look forward to?

3. What types of workouts do you dread?

4. What do you want to achieve from your workouts?

5. Can you see yourself sustaining this level of fitness forever?

6. How many times a week and for how long do you realistically think you can dedicate to working out?


Love, Lottie x







lottie murph

Lottie is a healthy lifestyle blogger, helping people find out how to be healthier, fitter and happier. Lottie believes life is all about balance, positivity and keeping it simple. Check out her blog for a mixture of healthy recipes, Pilates workouts, activewear, lifestyle tips and honest personal posts. Lottie wants to inspire people to reach for the stars, be present and care less about what the rest of the world thinks.