London marathon, baking and future plans…......

London marathon, baking and future plans…......

Well three weeks have now passed since the London marathon. How fast time flies! The long dark, cold and wet nights are now behind us and we can look forward to longer, sunnier days and nights. Over the last three weeks I have had time to think about the race, how I thought it went and what my future plans are.

Overall I was happy with my London marathon finishing 38th in 2.21. I wanted a slightly faster time but we always do no matter the outcome! I raced well in a stacked elite and domestic field. I maybe could have committed a little more to the early pace instead of sitting back off it and running most of the race alone. 

The first 5k I went with a large group and we went through 5k in 16.05, this was a little faster than the pace I was looking at running the race in so I decided to back off and run my own race. This is a catch 22 situation, either risk going faster and maybe hitting the wall, or being stranded and running the race alone not in a group. I backed off and stuck to my pre-race pace/race plan but this meant running most of the race alone in tough breezy sections. 

Thankfully you're never really alone in London as the crowds in the race are second to none.  They really are amazing and do give you that extra boost. 

The race panned out quite well and most of the group (bar a few) that I backed off from started coming back to me and giving me the bait to push on in the last 8 miles. A great moment was passing Craig Mottram the Australian distance runner/Olympian who was trying to run the qualifying time for Rio Olympics. Obviously he was having a bad day but still managed to give me a shout of “good job”. 

The final mile was tough but the sights of Big Ben and the crowds always spur you on a bit more. I hadn’t hit the wall or run out of fuel especially with my pre-race favourite breakfast the 'Race Day Bagel' from Training Food (Renee McGregor). It's a wholemeal bagel with my favourite Meridian crunchy peanut butter with sliced banana on! So after 3 months hard mileage running between 80-110 miles a week the race was over and I could look forward to my rest period of two weeks, eating and drinking what I like with no restrictions!


During the two week break I have been doing things I don’t normally have a lot of time for! I've had time to meet up with friends, eat cake and do a little bit of baking. I have been on the Meridian website using some of their recipes to bake some snacks with their brilliant range of nut butters. Below are a few pictures of my efforts! I appreciate all the help Meridian have given me thus far in helping fuel my training and racing. Their products are truly amazing and tasty. I can not wait to try the new nut butters which have just been released.

marathon 2

I have now had time to plan my future racing and training with my Coach. I am back to running every day and I started doing sessions this week.  My fitness seems to be at a good level. I am going to do a few weeks training then race in the Welsh Castles relays for my club Salford Harriers.  This event is one of my favourites on the running calendar. 

After this I hope to run a half marathon at the end of June and a few races early July. Mid-August I am going to the mountains for a month to prepare for my next marathon in the Autumn. The Pyrenees mountains are truly one of my favourite places to visit in the world and I can't wait to go. Training wise we have been over some new ideas that we will be trying and I am really enjoying getting off-road in the week now we have the sunnier longer days. I really enjoy the freedom of off-road running with no care of time/paces on the run just you and the open countryside. 

Once again I would like to thank Meridian for their support and their really tasty products! 


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