How Meridian helps me as an international rower

As an elite rower, a balanced diet high in protein is of paramount importance to enable me to repeatably train and perform.

On a daily basis, Meridian nut butters, in particular the crunchy cashew and almond butters, can be found stashed in my kit bag. Whether it’s so I can grab a teaspoon of a nut butter as I run between sessions or add it to my breakfast oats I, know I can always rely on the nutritional content to fuel me for my next activity. A new favourite for me and my house mate is to add peanut butter to noodles or curry to increase the flavour and protein of our evening meal.


Here’s our recipe for Chicken and Vegetable noodles stir fry (with added nut butter!):

1)      Slice up chicken, mixed peppers, spring onions, a little bit of garlic, kale and courgette

2)      Lightly fry with some spices while the noodles cook in another pan

3)      Once cooked, mix it all together and stir in some (or sometimes lots!) of peanut butter and a bit of soy sauce to give it lots of flavour and added protein

Outside of training when I’m racing, the only snack I will eat before a race is an almond butter and jam sandwich followed by a nut bar post-race. This both fuels me and quickly replaces used energy from racing, enabling me to repeatedly perform at an international level. For me, without Meridian my meals and snacks would lack a lot of flavour and protein and I would really miss them!

Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne