Fitness Chef- Simple Ways To Eat Healthy On The Go!

Too busy To Cook? Try these simple Ways To Eat Healthy On The Go!


So you’ve condemned yourself to eating rubbish because you just don’t have time to eat good food. You have no choice right? Well… here’s a reality check – you’re choosing to eat poorly. Literally.

There are so many ways you can eat really healthy food, whilst spending minimal time preparing it. Trust me. It will require a bit of effort, but in the grand scheme of things, not that much effort at all.

If you are one of those people that simply thinks it’s not possible to eat healthily and you’re frustrated at lack of progress in your fitness goals or by weight gain as a result of making poor choices due to lack of time, try these 5 simple ways to eat well and eat fast!

cooking sauce

1. Cook & freeze! Cook bulk batches of food and freeze them.. Each morning take one of your batches out the freezer. If your food is already defrosted, all you need to do it thoroughly re-heat it when you get home from work. We normally go for hot evening meals so if you arrive home after work with nothing remotely prepared you are already in trouble!

2. Snack smart. Snacking doesn’t have to be crisps, biscuits, chocolate & sandwiches. What about fruit, nuts, nut butters, oatcakes & greek yogurt. These things taste awesome and will give you fuel for long periods of time. If you go for a bag of crisps, chances are you’ll need 4 before you start to feel full… and that ain’t good at all!

3. Do a weekly shop. Chances are you’ll eat what you put in your cupboards. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually you will. The last thing you want to do is wake up and discover you have nothing for breakfast or lunch. If you limit trips to the shops to just once a week, you can bulk buy healthy foods and ensure you’re always prepared as opposed to going shopping each day. This simple strategy saves so much time!

4. Quick breakfasts! I think it’s quite important to make breakfast as fast as possible! First thing in the morning is when you’re most likely to be rushed so it’s essential you eat something balanced, but also ensuring it doesn’t make you late for work. Porridge is a great one, greek yogurt with fruit & seeds and eggs if you can spare 5-10 extra minutes.

5. Look for ways you can make things easier for yourself. I believe in taking time to prepare good, delicious food. However, this is my job and I realize for some people this just isn’t possible. Keep recipes simple to start with and expand on these once you get a bit of a taste for cooking.

Don’t know how to make tasty sauces? How about doing some bulk batches with these bad boys! I never use jarred sauce as I believe the ingredients aren’t fresh. However, having researched and tested these from Meridian, they taste great and contain no added sugars and are made with fresh, whole foods. Using these will also speed up cooking time considerably! Just remember to keep the chilled once opened!

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Thanks everyone!