Deliciously Ella’s Stuffed Medjool Dates.

This is Ella’s go-to snack when she's hungry and feeling lazy. It’s sweet and satisfying and oh-so-delicious. The caramel-like dates complement the creamy almond butter so well – it’s a match made in heaven.



-12 Medjool dates

-12 teaspoons nut butter (I like almond butter best)

Optional: a sprinkling of raw cacao powder


Peel the dates open, without totally cutting them in half, and remove the stones.

Place a small teaspoon of nut butter and a sprinkling of cacao powder where the stone was and push the two halves of the date together again.

Place the stuffed dates in the fridge to firm up for about an hour and then enjoy.

This recipe is from Delciously Ella's new book OUT NOW


Ella is a London based Healthy Food Blogger who focuses on whole, plant-based foods that your body loves. Ella explores healthy eating in a delicious way.