Chocolate mousse with raw chia apricot jam and brazil nut caramel

Chocolate mousse with raw chia apricot jam and brazil nut caramel

This beautiful dessert can be served at a dinner party and people won’t even notice that it was made without dairy or sugar. It consists of 3 luscious layers- Brazil nut caramel, jam and chocolate mousse. The brazil nut caramel can be made with any nut butters from the Meridian range (I absolutely love peanut butter caramel). Brazil nut is rather oily, so you might want to take off the excess nut oil on the top of the caramel when it’s cooled.

If you are making peanut butter caramel, you absolutely must make fig jam to go with it mmm… on a nice piece of wholemeal bread… anyway… coming back to the recipe and mousse itself- here is the recipe for you to give it a go.

Chocolate Mousse




220g ripe apricots

2tbsp chia seeds

Meridian Agave syrup to taste 


Brazil nut caramel

150g Meridian Brazil nut butter

80g Meridian maple syrup

30g water

Pinch of sea salt


Chocolate Mousse

100g Dark chocolate (dairy free)

2 ripe avocados

150g cream from the can of coconut milk kept in the fridge over night

100g Meridian maple syrup

Pinch of salt

1tsp of fine instant coffee

2tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder



Firstly, let’s prepare the jam.   

Wash and de-stone your apricots. Cut them in quarters and place in a blender friendly bowl. Add chia seeds and whiz it all up until no apricot pieces left.

Now add 2-3 table spoons of syrup blend again and taste, if more sweetness needed repeat the process. Personally I like jam quiet tangy as caramel is rather sweet, so it gives nice balance.

Cover with cling film and put in the fridge.

Now, let’s get the caramel going. In a medium size pot put all ingredients and place on the hob over medium to low heat. Bring to the boil constantly stirring, slowly simmer for about 10 minutes until thick caramel like consistency. Try not to reduce it too much because when caramel cools down, it will become even thicker. Leave it to cool completely before layering.   

Lastly, the mousse. Melt the chocolate in the heat proof microwave bowl or double boiler. Let it cool completely. In the food processor put flesh of avocados together with the rest of the ingredients and cooled melted chocolate and blend for a minute until it is smooth. Stop the blender every few seconds to scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula so all will blend evenly.

Prepare desired size and shape serving glasses and start layering. Firstly- mousse, then jam, after that mousse, followed by caramel and top it up with mousse again.  Of course, that is just a suggestion, you can layer as your heart desires.

Top the desert with crushed brazil nuts and cocoa nibs.

Chocolate Mousse 2