5 minutes with Olly Foster

5 minutes with Olly Foster

The lovely Olly Foster, Personal Trainer and Fitness Model tells us a little about his career, diet and clean living.

1. Why and how did you become a personal trainer? Why is a healthy lifestyle so important to you?

I became a personal trainer after graduating from university with a degree in Nutrition, health & lifestyle. During my time studying I obtained my gym instructor qualification along with several other relevant qualifications. This felt like the next natural step for me as I began to develop my career. My original plan was to play professional rugby but, after several operations my body wasn't up to the challenge. 

Being healthy is just a natural way of life for me. I wasn't healthy as a child to be honest, I was allowed too much control of my own diet which led to poor choices. After coming last in cross country at the age of 14 I was disgusted in myself and vowed to make a change. My whole approach to life from that day changed. I made sure I ate healthy and trained to become a better version of myself. 

2. How important is diet when training? Are abs really made in the kitchen?

To a certain extend yes. I still believe training is huge part of the overall program and if you give 100% in each area you will achieve your goals. In order to make sure you get the best out of training your diet must suit. I'm a firm believer in quality and will never change my views on this however, a little bit of so called "junk" here and there will have no affect if you're consistent with your personalised set diet plan. 

3. Do you have any particular diet restrictions?

I watch the amount of lactose I consume due to a mild intolerance but other than that I'm fairly flexible. If I fancy something I will generally have it but I'm usually on point 90% of the time.

4. How would you describe the current clean and healthy living movement? Why do you think is it becoming more and more popular?

It's a ever growing and booming industry. Social media has played a huge role in making people aware of what a healthier lifestyle can do for you not only physically but also mentally. With documentaries, advice, blogs and key articles available, people are beginning to sit up and take note of what they put in their bodies and just how little they move them. However, with this expansion you will always get those so called experts or keyboard warriors who will criticise and disagree with everyone with no valid proof or research to back up their statements. This lead to confusion amongst a lot of people and unless they are persistent and flexible to try different approaches they end up giving up and failing on this health and fitness journey. The key factor is people are becoming more aware, and slowly we are realising the detrimental effects a bad diet with limited exercise can have on us. 

5. What are your top pre-exercise snacks to fuel a workout?

Personally I don't have any snacks to fuel a workout but I do have snacks after training. One of my current favourites are rice cakes with Meridian Almond Butter, and every now and then I will add a finely sliced banana on top. 

6. What are your three top tips for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle?

  •  Do your research. Diets are specific to an individual and you can't go copying someone else's diet in the hope that it will work for you. Trail and error, learn to adapt and manipulate calories and macros to suit your goals.
  • Eat natural, and choose wisely. Foods these days, due to the manufacturing process, lose a whole load of nutrients. Make sure what your'e buying is of good quality because if not, your body will struggle to absorb these nutrients and over time may leave you with digestive health issues.
  • Move! Get the body moving, we're not designed to be seated behind a desk all day. Get yourself to the gym and find a physical exercise you enjoy and get involved. Your body will thank you for it. 

Thank you Olly!


Olly Foster, Personal Trainer and Fitness model