Protein Pow Event

We were proud to be a sponsor at the Protein Pow event organised by the lovely Anna Sward (founder at Protein Pow) at the weekend. We were approached to get involved in this event back in January and after being informed of the aims behind the event we couldn’t say no! Educating, Empowering and Inspiring were the ultimate goals, and that they definitely did!

The event was held at Thirdspace Gym in Canary Wharf, where one of the fitness studios was transformed into a  seminar room then into a workshop space. The day started with an introduction from Anna who talked about how Protein Pow was started from just a hobby of blogging about nutritious food, then the Girl Gains joined her to discuss why they felt the event was so relevant and current within today’s society.  The three girls discussed their individual stories which were extremely touching and we’re sure hit a nerve with many audience members.

Girl Gains

The key messages were:

  • The truths behind weight training
  • Top tips to discover positivity
  • Self-love
  • Self-worth.

Jacqueline Hurst, a former life coach, shared some techniques which she imparts to her clients to help change a negative mind set. She encouraged the audience to understand that only YOU can be in control of your thoughts and that loving yourself is the real key to self-happiness.


The final talk was from Yogi/ author Nicola Hobbs who shared her own touching story about her journey overcoming anorexia and explained how practising yoga was a vital coping mechanism for her to overcome her battles. The session ended with an amazing 15 minutes of meditation!

Once the talks were complete, it was time to get stuck in and get our hands dirty. Anna demonstrated a protein bar/ball recipe which everyone went on to replicate using the ingredients on workshop tables. The range of ingredients consisted of an array of Meridian nut butters, natural sweeteners, seeds & nuts, flaxseed, coconut flakes, Protein Pow protein powders and numerous other tasty ingredients. Some fantastic creations were made which looked and tasted delicious!

The event also had a jazzy photo booth where everyone had their pictures taken and printed out as a souvenir for the day. As part of the event, a large motivational wall was erected which asked what fitness and nutrition really meant to the attendees. It was then filled with personal handwritten quotes from all audience members and guest speakers.



The day was a fantastic opportunity to engage with an audience about issues that are so prominent and relevant in society today, everyone went away feeling motivated and better educated on how we should think about ourselves and how amazing we really are!


Everyone who attended was sent home with a fantastic goody bag that included some tasty Meridian goodies!