Our Three New Additions!

We are continuing to diversify our product range by launching three new Meridian nut-based Cooking Sauces!

 As Britain continues to get more adventurous and experiment with flavours and taste, shoppers are increasingly looking for new and exciting ingredients to inspire them in the kitchen, which is why we have developed three nutty cooking sauces that bring flavours from all over the world. The new cooking sauce range includes Brazilian Xim Xim Peanut, Thai Peanut and Indonesian Peanut Satay Cooking sauces.

cooking sauces

All three sauces are made with our very own Peanut Butter and offer a great source of natural protein as a tasty and convenient meal time solution. The protein is provided naturally from our roasted nuts, offering a nutritious protein-filled meal for all occasions. The cooking sauces are also dairy and gluten free, and suitable for Vegans.

The lively Brazilian Xim Xim Peanut sauce takes its influence from African cooking and packs a little punch with zingy ginger and lemon undertones. Perfect for stirring into cooked chicken & prawns or tofu & vegetables for a Vegan option and served with rice or cous cous for a tasty treat!

The Peanut Satay Cooking Sauce is made with the traditional and well-loved flavours of Peanuts, coconut cream and a blend of fresh herbs and spices.

From another exotic location comes the Thai Peanut Cooking Sauce which is the perfect balance of nutty flavours with coconut, chillies and lemongrass. All sauces make an ideal pairing with either chicken, tofu or vegetables Our new Cooking Sauces will be available to buy online at www.meridianfoods.co.uk and from selected independent health food stores from May onwards, priced at £2.49 (RSP).

Visit www.meridianfoods.co.uk for recipe ideas and to buy online.