Meridians New Peanut and Almond Bars

peanut and almond bar

Grabbing a delicious healthy snack while on-the-go has just got easier with brand new Meridian Peanut Bar and Meridian Almond Bar � the nuttiest nut bars to provide protein-rich energy.

Literally crammed full of nuts, Meridian�s bars feature all the nutty goodness and taste that has made Meridian�s jars of nut butters so popular with nut lovers, now in a handy-size bar.   

Each delicious nut bar offers a high content of nuts, providing an excellent source of nutrients and energy.  The bars have been developed to a simple recipe of the finest ingredients to support a healthier lifestyle and like all Meridian products; there are no hidden �nasties�.   

A satisfyingly tasty choice for busy people, these high energy snacks are perfect for healthy snacking.  Protein is provided naturally from Meridian's roasted nuts and not by added processed protein that is found in most other protein bars.   

The Peanut bar is crammed with 55% peanuts and the Almond Bar is packed with the same amount of almonds.  Each bar contains 8 and 7g of protein respectively - significantly more than mainstream cereal and nut bars.  

 In handy-size 40g bars, these delicious snacks can be devoured, without any guilt, when eating on-the-hoof and because protein is sourced from nuts the bars keep hunger pangs at bay and those eating them feel full for longer.  

 Providing a natural energy boost, the bars can be enjoyed anytime of the day, as a quick breakfast bite or snack for those short on time; they are a healthy addition to a lunchbox or eaten post exercise to replenish energy levels and boost recovery.  

Registered nutritionist, Anita Bean, a sports nutrition specialist and author of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, comments: "These bars are an ideal recovery food as they provide protein and carbohydrate, a combination that promotes speedy muscle repair after exercising, and replenish muscle fuel".  

One bar contains 7 - 8g of protein, significantly more than mainstream cereal and nut bars. The optimal amount of protein required after exercise is 15- 25g, the amount provided by approximately two bars, and the protein in these bars is from a real food source, nuts, not added processed protein, such as whey protein, found in most protein and recovery bars.

The bars are suitable for vegans and are gluten, dairy, soya and wheat-free.  They will launch in Holland and Barrett and independent health stores this April, priced at £1.19 (RSP) for the Peanut Bar and £1.49 (RSP) for the Almond Bar.  

Meridian Foods is the UK's leading producer of palm oil-free nut and seed butters.