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It’s now over 12 months since I started this Blog, sharing both the ups & downs of retaining a active life style, whilst eating healthily & keeping sanity!


Surprising, maybe to some, but healthy eating is the easiest part of the regime for most of the time. It is the one area that is within the individual’s control. Only when away on business, hotels, flights & meetings does it sometimes present difficulty in obtaining a good balance of food. To avoid this I often take bags of nuts & fruit with me to offset some stodgy meals. However, many hotels now offer a sound breakfast that provides all one needs in protein & fresh fruit. Premier Inn breakfast I rate highly!


almond prot shake

Overall, the exercise has been enjoyable & excellent gains noticed. What could not be avoided was 2x bouts of surgery with a GA & the incumbent rest & slow ‘work’ up again, which can be tedious!


The largest contributing factor is the I’ve managed to change my complete exercise regime with the PT & gained a new regime that is more enjoyable than any in the last 10 years! At the same time it has provided insight into how different social media is with non-professional sports people in Devon & the approach to nutrition. Here are some key highlights over the last 12 months:


  • Learnt Thai Boxing
  • Focused on high intensity training
  • Built up a complete new repertoire of circuit training
  • My core is still very strong, proven with the 4 minute plank challenge
  • Flexibility & muscular dexterity vastly improved
  • New challenges every week. PT ensures no circuit is ever quite the same-so I’m constantly challenged
  • Exceeded expectation on weights such as dead lift & squat
Thai Boxing


In older age, I’ve adapted & learnt the following:

  • Greater duration of rest is required between hard sessions. A big change has been from training twice daily x 6 per week 10 years ago to currently 2 x PT x 1 hour sessions per week, resting 2 days between, with one day a 30 minute run after a rest day & another day 20 minute sprints with press-ups on another day.
  • Monday PT x 1 hour
  • Tuesday 20 minutes Sprints
  • Wednesday Rest
  • Thursday PT x 1 hour
  • Friday 30min run
  • Weekend break from any intensive exercise
  • One of the significant changes has been the ability to regularly train at 06.00hrs becoming unstainable. Most training I prefer to do evening or between 7-8 morning if that is possible with work/children commitments. Early morning training started to leave me very tired at the end of the week, whereas once it would be part of the daily routine one became accustomed to!


Well I shall sign off for now & here is to another active & healthy 12 months. Thank you for the support from the Meridian Insider.