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Our Meridian insider James is back and this time he tells us all about turning 50 and how it has affected his fitness. 

Over to you James...


I had been running twice weekly, but albeit only short distances until this challenge was set! I usually did one 3k run but with sprints, press-ups & dips combined, usually focusing on beach running & hill work. Second run was typically 35 mins max, more of a traditional road run. The shorter runs felt good & were more of an aid to ensuring I kept in reasonable aerobic fitness for PT & Thai Boxing sessions, rather than for running’s sake, though I love getting outdoors any time of the year.



So with the 10k challenge I purchased a running watch to ensure time & distance were accurate. Just a reminder, that only 9 years ago in my mid-40’s I was clocking a sub 34 minutes 10k, without dedicated 10k training!


Anyway, after 5 x attempts at building up distance & speed, my 10k times have been hovering around the 47 minutes! That’s rather depressing, though my HIT circuit training is fine. On the longer runs my lungs just don’t feel as elastic as before & the legs just won’t go faster half way through the run! Understanding why the performance has nosedived is difficult to judge, though several factors may help.


Turning fifty  nearly four years ago, I had a nasty bout of pneumonia & subsequently my toes swelled & the joints became painful. Since then, I just do not seem to have the enormous lung capacity I once did. Plus of late the toes constantly ache from rheumatism in the joints, which after 30 minutes of running, make one run very awkwardly with the discomfort. Plus two bouts of general anaesthetic & surgery in 2015 has slowed the body up! The other factor was at around 49, my muscle mass just dropped away from the upper body, from proud to be on a beach in summer to not so! This strength helped propel me very quickly over 10k runs, particularly hills & smash ergo (Concept 2) training!


However, in a strange way, I’m quite content with how my training is going, relaxed that I can never trump my 10k times & feel comfortable with the new training regime of less, but focused intense HIT sessions with PT.


Nutrition is much the same as previous blogs, balanced, less carbs, more protein & plenty of Meridian Foods Peanut Butter & now Almond & Coconut Butter in the morning porridge. Yum!



So, in conclusion, I believe if you are realistic with goals, comfortable with how you feel, then that’s 90% achieved. Obviously I’m speaking as one in their 50’s who will only slowly ‘degrade’ but if you still feel good & can hold a four minute plank then that’s not bad.


The PT provides plenty of challenges in our sessions, likening me to a machine that just gets on with the task in hand without stopping!


If anyone can provide advice to my 10k dilemma then thank you, as I will try again in the summer when mornings are lighter & warmer.


Back again soon!

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Love Meridian x

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James is our in house fitness enthusiast! He has a true passion for maintaining an active lifestyle and is one of Meridian's biggest nut butter fans.