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Our Meridian Insider James is recovering from his injuries and getting back into the swing of his fitness filled lifestyle! He shows us how to balance injury with training for a 10k run! How are you getting on James?

Been getting back to fitness quite rapidly now with continuing of 2 x weekly PT of Muay Thai, circuits & weights. This morning back up to 110kg squats, with a hard session of decreasing weight bench press starting from 60kg, 8 x reps x 3 then removing 10kg & reps until failure down to 20kg.

Pad work back up to speed & now concentrating in power behind kicks to the body.

With a 10k run challenge set, I’ve targeted 2 x runs per week, one session mixed with warm up of core & kettles with a 5k run of hills & sprints, then one straight run of between 7-9k. I need to identify a 10k loop near home & probably set a timed 10k run ASAP. I have no idea of what time I may achieve, so it will be a complete surprise, as I have not targeted specific time & distances for about 6 years.

Nutrition has focused on my normal healthy but tasty porridge with PNB for breakfast, pulses & nuts during the day & a cooked meal evening. I won’t say I don’t eat the odd cake & always appreciative of any cake that appears in our offices in Hampshire!


I tend to limit training to 4 x sessions/week, 2 x PT & two runs. I find I need the 3 x rest days!

We wish James luck and will make sure he's fueled up on Meridian nut butters!

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James is our in house fitness enthusiast! He has a true passion for maintaining an active lifestyle and is one of Meridian's biggest nut butter fans.