Meridian Foods - Going Back To Their Roots


When Meridian Foods was returned to independent, private ownership in October 2005, the production facilities were not included as a part of the acquisition. However, the new owners recognised that having direct control of manufacturing would underline and support the credibility of the company as a specialist supplier in the health food market.

The new owners, who based the company head office in Sutton Scotney, initially focussed on creating a radically different image, to represent the rejuvenation of the Brand, and also on developing an extensive range of new products.

However, over the first 18 months it has become increasingly apparent that there would be considerable benefits if the company had greater control of the development and manufacturing process.

Neil Butler, Operations Director of Meridian Foods Ltd., is therefore delighted to announce that the Corwen facility has been acquired from Greencore PLC for an undisclosed sum.

Based in the beautiful Dee Valley of North Wales, Corwen is the birthplace of the Brand, and where the founder, Andrew Jedwell, built a successful and pioneering health food business, prior to its acquisition by Greencore in 1999.

By strengthening the links with the Brands “spiritual home”, the new Meridian Foods Ltd can also safeguard the employment prospects of the 13 staff, one of whom is the longest serving Meridian employee, Site Manager Brian Jones, who originally joined Andrew in the 1980’s ! One of the first projects Brian worked on was the launch of a range of pure Peanut Butters, which became a core part of the range and still symbolises Meridian’s philosophy, which is to create natural, healthy foods with a minimal amount of processing. The nuts are gently roasted with their skins on to extract all the goodness and then simply crushed to create a delicious nut butter spread.

Brian commented, “This is tremendous news for the staff and the local community, as the new owners have demonstrated their desire to grow the sales of the Brand and expand the range we produce here. We have already introduced several new Organic lines, in response to the continued increase in consumer demand for healthy, natural products”. 

[Picture: Brian Jones (left) and Neil Butler at Corwen overlooking the beautiful Dee Valley]