Meridian Challenge #7

We thought it was about time to catch up with our Meridian insider James, and see how he's getting on with his fitness regime....

How are you doing James?

I'm back to PT sessions after a holiday break!

The week before my holiday, I came down with a nasty sinus infection which floored me for about 7 days! A holiday in the sun aided recovery & a few swims & morning stretch outs eased myself back to health Also coming back I’ve gained another Birthday & at 53 believe I can have some down time! Back to the weekly drill, though a little revised with added ‘rest days’. I’m trying to sustain a decent level of fitness, given work, family & age, but keep it as time efficient as possible, so it intrudes as little as possible in daily life, but remains enjoyable & repeatable on a weekly basis.

Back to Monday PT Session, which looking forward to & ease back into it reasonably well.

Longer warm up & to get into the drill we start with a 4 x station circuit drill as follows:

  • Knees jabs on bag x 10
  • Press-ups x 10
  • Straight punches x 10
  • Squats x 10
  • 5 left kicks & 5 right kicks

Repeat 4 x

Shadow Boxing 

  • Boxing & Kicking drills
  • Teeps, knees, elbows
  • Defense & attack drills

We end the session with some weights on deadlifts

  • Dead Lifts x 6 x 3


This has become a gentle day to recover between the Monday & Wednesday PT sessions

  • 25 minute core work at home


PT Session

Technique Circuit as warm up x 4

Glove up & work through continuous 2 x minute rounds on attacking & defense skills

Best session yet & am awarded another ‘ribbon’ to tie onto my arm! Feel really chuffed & great thanks to PT. Exhausted!

Most post PT sessions I drink at least 1l of water & have a Meridian Nut Butter & Oat blend with Oat Milk topped with soft Berry Fruit. Before a session I will have half a banana.

james food


Today is dedicated to a straight 40 minute early morning run on the seafront & beach. This the steady aerobic session as legs feel tired after yesterday’s PT session. Just love early morning beach runs, especially with the waves crashing onto the beach.


End of week 50 minute mixed session of core, kettle weights, sprints & bench press-ups.

Of course we can't let you get away without telling us how you got on in your challenge!

My last challenge was ‘How to put the Fun back into workouts’.

Rather than come up with a succinct recommendation that would work across a group of people, I have listed my own thoughts & personal ideas which have worked successfully for 35 years of training!

  • Train in something you enjoy-seems obvious, but many people run to increase aerobic fitness, but hate running. There are plenty of other activities that are equally good as running such as spinning, circuit training, swimming.
  • Keep it simple. The more pre-preparation involved, often the more stressful it becomes
  • Train with friend, group or PT
  • Sport & Food are always linked, with too much emphasis on extreme specialised diets. A balanced diet of what you enjoy should be totally sufficient for most training at a non-professional level. If you take the foraging route, fruit, nuts, vegetables, fish you will not go far wrong. This Friday end of week training breakfast pic is attached. 2 x shredded wheat, strawberries, blueberries, topped with Meridian Peanut Butter & for a treat, a dollop of Greek Yoghurt & spoon of coconut & honey blend!
  • Any goals make sure they are achievable. Don’t get hung up on PB’s, just enjoy!
  • Play music. In my PT sessions, we have raw bluesy music (Kenny Wayne Shepperd, @The Kris Baras Band etc)
  • But most important, go to your session with enthusiasm, self-discipline & some controlled aggression & hunger for it-‘bite & grrrr’ as I call it & come out feeling you’ve got the whole day or evening still to enjoy!

Thanks for the tips James, we will definitely be taking these them on board!

Now, we've been thinking about the best way to challenge James and we've decided to take a slightly different approach for challenge number 7. They say abs are made in the kitchen so we are asking James to eat an entirely clean diet for 2 weeks! By clean we mean cutting back on things such as junk food, alcohol, limit processed foods, refined grains, and replacing these by eating more of the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups. That means embracing foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, plus healthy proteins and fats. 

We want James to document his 2 week journey and share with us his highs and lows. GOOD LUCK JAMES! We think this will be tougher than it looks!

p.s No more biscuits....