Meridian Challenge #6

This weeks challenge was a little different, we got you nutty lot to choose a challenge for our Meridian Insider! The lucky winner was Fiona Conolly who asked James to put his strength to the test and see how long he can hold 2 1kg tubs for with out stretched arms?

tub tweet


James, how did you get on?

The Consumer Challenge was an interesting event. How can I can train for that! With the children curiously watching & my wife timing, I had for no particular reason a time of 10 minutes to break in my mind. I think this challenge put’s more strain on your back rather than arms, but arms were shaking at 9 minutes! Final time 10:33.41  Thank you Fiona & hope you enjoy the Meridian goodies!


james tub challenge


Well done James! 

Next week we would like you to tell us your tips for putting the fun back into workouts! 

James' training highlights

w/c 27th April

No PT again this week. The week also holds much car travelling, meetings etc, so training will stray from the standard routine, such as Thursday no training due to longish car journey’s starting out at 06.00hrs . I focus the other days in maintaining strong core with Swiss ball & mat exercises. Mix in weights, some heavier squat lifts, lunges & skipping.

1 x 7k run & 1 x 20 minute sprinting session combined with park bench press-ups & dips. Friday came too quickly & was rather tired, so light core session with a 30 x minute blast on my MTB up a steep rutted track!


James is our in house fitness enthusiast! He has a true passion for maintaining an active lifestyle and is one of Meridian's biggest nut butter fans.