Meridian Challenge #5

We have now reached our Meridian insiders 5th challenge! This week it's the Burpee challenge. James was NOT looking forward to this one! Let's see how he got on, over to you James...

Challenge: Burpee Challenge 35 burpees in 3 minutes



The Burpee challenge I did not enjoy! My ageing body just does not like burpees! I was happy that I  beat the challenge, but some much younger Thai Boxers who train after me with the PT tried my challenge & comfortably made 85 in the 3 minutes!

Well done James! Smashing the challenge with 10 more burpees in the assigned time!

IMG_0176 Burpee

Mid-week PT saw me complete 10 x rounds of Thai Boxing with Thai Pads & Focus Pads. Knackered! I tried my new Thai Boxing Gloves with wrist strapping & it provides greater confidence to hit harder!

I was away at a hotel later in the week & resorted to an early morning swim in the pool. Had not swam for about 6 months! After 25 minutes, the tedium of going up & down a pool was enough. Ended the week on Friday with a run to the Beacon.




PT session was completed with a circuit of 3 x exercises of 1 minute each immediately one after the other:

Medicine Ball Slams

16kg Kettle Swings

Dumbell Punches

Mid week-

was core & a run of 6k 

End of week-

on a PT with mixed Thai Boxing rounds & a final leg burning circuit of star jumps, springing over 60cm bags & skipping. Just ordered a new pair leather Thai Boxing gloves, Sandee in black & gold! My current ones are synthetic & sweat horribly!

Next week challenge...

We're leaving it up to you, you nutty lot! What do you think James should do? Tweet us with your ideas and we will pick one next week!


james cropped

James is our in house fitness enthusiast! He has a true passion for maintaining an active lifestyle and is one of Meridian's biggest nut butter fans.