Building a New Home for our Furry Friends

As you may already know we proudly sponsor the Bourneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) who provide welfare and rehabilitation for approximately 800 orphaned orangutans. We currently adopt 13 of the orphaned orangutans (read more here) which allows us to support with the rehabilitation costs until the time comes that they can be released back into their natural habitat.

Baby Orangutan

Last year the BOS informed us of the Baby House project, which involved the BOS building a safe haven for the baby orangutans that they look after. We wanted to get involved in making this project a reality and therefore made a decision to contribute to the costs of building the new Baby House. The building work has come along quickly and the BOS is well on it's way to completing the build of not just one Baby House, but two! 

Baby House
Baby House 2

By the end of April Meryl, Yutris, Napri and all of the babies will be able to move into their new homes.