• The sales of these lines have been slowly dropping off so we have taken the decision to de-list them and do not plan to replace these in the near future.

  • Unfortunately Hazelnut prices have continued to rise and a lot of manufacturers are removing Hazelnuts from recipes due to shortage in supply caused by adverse weather conditions. This isn’t an option with our Hazelnut Butter so we have had no choice but to increase the cost of this product.
    If the price does come down please do be assured that we will look carefully at our Recommended Selling Price and amend accordingly.

  • When replacing sugar with a natural sweetener there is more trial and error required. Most of all it depends on your taste.

    Top tip: Do not forget to slightly reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe too!

  • It is the policy of our supplier of honey to ensure best practices are observed by our selected suppliers and beekeepers; and that beekeeping husbandry and bee welfare are a top priority. For example, we do not advocate wing clipping or the killing-off of weak, older queen bees to re-strengthen colonies. We do our utmost to ensure that our partners and suppliers in origin have ethnical policies in place, which we audit.

  • We recently identified an issue with the mineral declarations on our Molasses which we have discussed with Trading Standards who have accepted our corrective action.  New corrected labels are now being used for all production. The nutritional information on minerals was an error & overstated. This was due to a laboratory mistake that was not identified before current labels were printed & used. This has been corrected with full support from Trading Standards. The revised labelling which is now in production shows the values as follows...

    Molasses Pure Cane

    Organic Molasses Pure Blackstrap

    Organic Fairtrade Molasses Pure Blackstrap